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Waste is everywhere around us - right from our homes, schools, overflowing bins in streets, water bodies and all other places which we cannot even imagine. Waste has now become a part of our lives. It is so evident that we have stopped noticing it. The impact of waste is now clearly visible on our environment, society and even on our economy. Schools being at core of our societies, it can have big influence on the way we deal with such issues. The young minds at schools can be engaged in learning about environment and sustainability concerns and work towards finding solutions in their own local environment.

Eco-Schools is one of such global sustainable schools programme – it starts in the classroom and expands to the community by engaging the next generation in action-based learning. It's an International Certification Programme of the Foundation for Environment Education which is being offered in India since 2014-15 by the Centre for Environment Education to students from the primary school level, for classes 1-5 (6-11 years old).

Looking at the demand of the programme for introducing it to the middle school level, the Eco schools programme is being introduced in India at pilot level to students in the middle school i.e. class 6 to 8, beginning with the core theme of 'Waste'.


About the Eco-Schools Waste Management Programme

The Eco-Schools Waste Management Programme (EcoWaM) was launched in India in April 2020 beginning with the core theme of Waste Management. The aim of the initiative is to involve middle school students across the country to create leaders, having the awareness, knowledge, commitment and potential to meet the challenges of waste management in their spheres of influence.

The EcoWaM is a novel initiative of CEE (Centre for Environment Education) with Bestseller Foundation, FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education).

EcoWaM follows behavior change education pedagogy where the students go through the process of Explore, Discover, Think, Act and Share. Under the core theme of 'Waste', it focuses on five sub themes namely Waste and Nature, Waste - A Problem, Waste and Sustainability, Waste Management, Waste and Handprint. A teacher's module has been developed as a resource guide for school teachers to help them in planning and implementing seven steps methodology for becoming a 'Waste Wise Eco-Schools'.

The focus of the programme is to provide guidance to teachers on concepts like ‘there is no such thing as waste in nature’, the importance of perceiving ‘Waste as a resource and of Circular Economy’ in the waste management and is geared to engage and inspire students from classes 6 -8 from State Boards, CBSE, ICSE, International Baccalaureate and others.


How does it work?

Programme aims to engage young students who will be inspired and guided to become waste warriors in every aspect of their life, and in every sphere–at school, at home and in the community. The students will also be encouraged to work on action projects to find sustainable and economically viable solutions, demonstrating and sharing these in the school, home and community.

Looking at Covid 19 pandemic situation, the programme has been adopted to be conducted by schools through online mode.

The schools joining Eco-Schools Waste Management programme will implement the activities during the year following the Seven Steps framework.

Eco-Schools Teacher in charge of the programme will form a group of students from classes 6-8 who will take up activities under these seven steps at their home. Teacher will be guided to connect waste management theme with the various subjects taught under these classes.


How to Join the Programme?

We welcome schools across India to join this prestigious global sustainable schools programme 'EcoWaM'. Following are the requirements:

  1. Registration Closed.
  2. After registration, schools will be provided with a login ID and password for accessing EcoWaM resources.
  3. Teacher in charge from the school will be provided online orientation on running the programme with students.
  4. Teacher will form a group of students and orient them on implementation of activities. Students staying at home will take up programme activities.
  5. CEE team will provide monthly counseling to teachers for conducting the activities and documentation of reports.
  6. Each school team will conduct activities and document their learning in a report.
  7. The report from school will be evaluated at national level for selection of Handprint Flag Award.
  8. In case of any queries, please contact Eco-schools Secretariat (Toll free number 1800 1027 014) ·



Project cycle: August 2020 – February 2021


What are the Benefits?

  1. Opportunity to Join International Sustainable School Programme
  2. Become a model school by adopting Sustainable Waste Management Practices
  3. Create a group of students as environment leaders who can be role models for taking action for waste management at their home
  4. Access to Eco-schools educational resources
  5. Teacher training on online pedagogy focusing on sustainability education
  6. Ongoing support to schools to implement the programme
  7. Mentoring by experts in the field of Waste management
  8. Access to application for Handprint flag
  9. Raising the profile of the school as part of a large global network
  10. Connect to other environment initiatives of FEE and CEE




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