Clean Tech Competition

Every day, students around the world challenge themselves to innovate sustainable solutions to environmental problems. For over a decade the Spellman HV Clean Tech Competition provides these intrepid young scientists an avenue to showcase their hard work and compete for over $20,000 in awards! The only global competition of its kind, they encourage students to identify an issue that matters to them most and develop an innovative answer. Clean Tech provides a multi-discipline and project-based competitive experience for young scientists looking to build a healthier planet. Any student’s research related to sustainable technology is eligible for submission no matter the scale! If you are looking to start a project in your classroom or at home, the implementation guide and sustainability rubric on their website will help light the way and create a positive experience for you and your students.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, this competition will remain virtually and benefit all participants who are willing to participate in it. Anyone with a project related to sustainability can enter! We are extremely excited for this shift as in years past we have unfortunately had to turn away enthusiastic students whose projects did not fit into our themes and categories. We pride ourselves on being a widely available event and feel this will only help interested Teams!

Despite these changes, the focus of the Competition remains the same: students identify a problem with our natural world and resource use that they want to change, and innovate a sustainable solution for it. We are excited to see where these moves take us and are enthused to see what great projects we see entered this year!

  • Identify a specific problem that deals with an individual’s impact, and explain the specific impacts on environmental conditions, human health and/or the economy
  • Research and describe the scale of the problem and the affected populations
  • Analyze the foundations and causes of the specific issue you chose. Investigate, understand in detail, and explain.
  • Design a solution that uses clean technology to address your identified problem, and explain how it would have helped mitigate the negative impacts of such. 


Competition Information:

- Who can enter: All 15- to 18-year-old students in Teams of 1-3

- Cost: None – registration is always free!

- How to compete: Register on their website by 22 April, 2022


Round One:

o Online submission of a 5-15 page paper

o Papers are due by 29 April, 2022

o Rubric and info:


Round Two: 

o Finalist Teams virtually present their research and prototype to judges

o Presentations will occur in a live video format

o Each Team provided with $200 stipend and limit for prototype construction

o Finals will be held on 11 August, 2022

o Rubric and info:


Awards: Over $20,000 in prizes to top Teams!


For more information, you can visit the Clean tech competition website!

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Contact them via:

o Email: [email protected]

o Phone: +1-516-754-0045

o Facebook and Twitter: @CleanTechComp


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